E-Commerce development

We create functional, high-quality WooCommerce (WordPress) online stores with a full-fledged control panel.

  • To promote your products on the Internet
  • With an attractive design
  • On the WordPress/WooCommerce platform
  • With payment and courier systems
  • With a 12-month guarantee
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E-commerce Website Development | WooCommerce & WordPress | 2410E-commerce Website Development | WooCommerce & WordPress | 2410


From development to maintenance.

We provide a full range of services: from prototyping and development to e-commerce website support and maintenance.


A professional template or a unique design development


Website development and customization based on the WordPress platform

3.SEO and content

Keyword research and website content filling


WooCommerce consulting and monthly support

E-commerce Website Development | WooCommerce & WordPress | 2410


Personalized design

There are thousands of professional templates available for the WordPress platform that can be adapted to meet your business needs. We also provide design development from scratch.

What a modern e-commerce website consists of:

  • Strategic planning - a well-designed and convenient site structure for users and clients

  • High-quality content - unique texts, professional images, forms and structured content

  • Responsive design - website should display correctly on different devices with different screen sizes

  • SEO optimization - to make your website more visible

  • High speed - fast hosting and optimized content


Advanced ecommerce site functions

The website must solve business problems. The functional part is responsible for this.

If you need to add new sections that are not designed, we create them in accordance with the general design concept. Additionally, we develop plugins to provide the site with interactive elements and animations.

We expand the capabilities of your e-commerce website:

  • We create plugins according to WordPress coding standards, open source and settings sections

  • Add new sections in accordance with the general design concept

  • Improve the checkout process for advanced shopping experience

  • Add third-party integrations to automate business processes
Developed 50+ WordPress plugins during the last year
Testing and support


Testing and support

We involve experienced QA testers for website testing. Testing process includes: checking the responsiveness of the layout, the work of forms, animation effects, links, etc. on different devices at different screen resolutions, operating systems, browsers.

The results are available after the first milestone development: you will get the full access to the website's test version.

We provide:

  • Demo version to demonstrate the proof of work

  • Website migration to your hosting (always included in the project costs)

  • Consultations to answer your questions

  • Technical support

  • Future updates
Testing and support


Payment and courier system configuration

We provide e-commerce website setup services for the local market. We add interactive maps for parcel machine selection and courier delivery, as well as integrating payment systems into the website. And setup necessary third-party integrations.

  • Payment systems: Paysera, Swedbank, SEB, Citadele, Luminor, Makecommerce, Paypal, Visa, MasterCard and others

  • Shipping plugins: parcel machines Omniva, Circle K, Latvijas Pasts, DPD, Venipak

  • Localization: currency and multilingual settings

  • Integrations: Mailchimp, Mailigen, CRM, 1C, Tilde Jumis, Norgate, accounting and financial software and automation
Payment and courier system configuration
E-commerce Website Development | WooCommerce & WordPress | 2410

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Why WooCommerce?

WooCommerce is a functional add-on to the WordPress CMS platform that allows you to transform your website into a complete online store. Thanks to the standardization, you are not locked by a single vendor, and you can involve other developers quite quickly.

Order processing

Order processing

All your orders are displayed in the admin dashboard. You can manage all your orders in one place by editing and changing an order status.



You can add different payment systems on your website. And extend the checkout process by adding custom fields in the checkout form.

Product search

Product search

Many templates provide a product search layout. This allows to use WooCommerce search and product filter.

Product page

Product page

You can add galleries, reviews and integrate your website with social media.

Thousands of templates

Thousands of templates

There are thousands WooCommerce templates available. We can help you to adapt a template to your business brand book and meet your business needs.

Extended functions

Extended functions

There are more than 60 thousands of free plugins available for WordPress. You can use them to extend your website functionality.

SEO optimization

SEO optimization

Using one of SEO plugins, you can extend your website SEO and optimize your positions on Google search.

Content management system

Content management system

Using WordPress you can easily add, edit and remove your site pages and posts. Add images, embed video files and extend your website functionality.

Email marketing

Email marketing

You can easily add subscription forms to collect your clients email addresses. And use this for your email marketing campaigns.



You can add unlimited number of languages and display your website in multilingual format.


WooCommerce or Marketplace?

Amazon, Etsy, eBay

and other e-commerce platforms where you can create an account and publish your products.

  • Easy to publish
  • Strict platform rules (design, images)
  • Industry restrictions
  • High fees
  • High competition
  • Not all customer information is available
  • Account blocking risk


A WooCommerce based e-commerce store is a complete website, that is completely under your control.

  • Easy to publish
  • No restrictions
  • Any products: goods, services, digital products
  • Only payment system fees
  • Your products only
  • You can add any web analytics
  • No blocking risks

WooCommerce or cloud solutions?

A cloud-based e-commerce store (Mozello, Shopify, WIX, BigCommerce, Magento, PrestaShop, Squarespace and others) does not require licenses or hardware fees.

  • Pricing: what is more profitable
    The cloud store is an ideal solution if you create a small online shop with up to 10-20 products. In this case, it is really profitable to use the ready to use themes and the infrastructure.

    However, you should consider the potential costs in the future.

    Let's take Shopify as an example: the pricing starts at $30 / month. When you need more advanced functionality, you will need a plan starting from $80 and $300 per month.

    As for WooCommerce, it is a free platform, and it is a great scalable solution to build your e-commerce website.
  • Design and templates
    Let's take Shopify as an example.

    As in WooCommerce, there are hundreds of free templates available on Shopify's official marketplace. If you want your website to look professional, you should use paid templates with their adaptation to your needs.

    Average pricing for a paid template on Shopify: about 200 euros.

    On the other hand, in WooCommerce, the average price for a paid template is about 50 euros. Starting from 20 euros.
  • Industry restrictions
    Each platform has its own restrictions. For example, a list of goods, banned by a platform but not prohibited by law.

    For example: investments, loans, various legal and financial services, cryptocurrency, adult goods, tobacco, electronic cigarettes, alcohol and excise goods, fireworks, various virtual instruments and services, Covid-related products, intellectual property. As well as other areas of professional activity associated with high risks.

    WooCommerce is your own complete website. And you don't have any content restrictions. Therefore, the one regulation for the content you publish is local laws and regulations of the area you work in.
  • Functional and marketing restrictions
    As long as you host multiple products on your site, you can ignore the various functional limitations and restrictions.

    It becomes really important in proportion to the growth of your business.

    For example, on most of the platforms it is quite difficult to create compound promo codes, use various dynamic interactions, build comprehensive end-to-end analytics and add some interactive user feedback options.

    Since WooCommerce is basically an extended WordPress website, it has no technical limitations to implement any kind of marketing tools.
E-commerce Website Development | WooCommerce & WordPress | 2410


How we work.

The average project development time is about 4-5 weeks from approval to launch.

  • Approval - 1 day

    We confirm the tasks and goals, and determine the deadlines. We distribute the project according to the Agile method into development and payment stages.

  • Technical documentation - 7 days

    We draw up a technical task, describing in detail the system modules, their functionality and purpose for different levels of users.

  • Project launch - same day

    We launch the project in the BIYRO project management system and send it to you for confirmation. Then we start working on the first stage of the project.

  • Visual part - 7 days

    Design / template preparation and basic WordPress website setup. Filling the website's pages with texts and images.

  • Functional development - 7 days

    We develop and install plugins, create additional effects and animations of elements. Including free implementation of additional functionality.

  • Full testing - 5 days

    We check the quality of the website on different devices, browsers and screen widths. As a result, we set up a test WordPress site with as a proof of work.

  • Project confirmation - the same day

    Having tested the ready website, you can confirm the project or ask for a revision.

  • Add-ons - individually

    We also offer to supplement the project (if necessary) with security plugins, SEO optimization, multilingual support, social media integration.

    I will help you to find a tech based solution for your business needs. And provide you software consulting services to find the best solution for your project.
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    Eastern European (UTC+3)
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We fix the price at the beginning

Before starting the development process, we will make you a bid, which includes the final costs and delivery terms.

At the second stage, we create a brief or technical task (if the implementation takes place in milestones). At this stage, we describe in detail developed functions and page structure. We fix this data and the final price in the BIYRO project management system without the possibility of editing.

No additional payments are required in this case. The cost is fixed until the end of the work.


On time development within the fixed budget.

Get a functional professional e-commerce website with a full-fledged control panel with no vendor lock.
We guarantee full implementation within the stated period. Otherwise, we will give the money back.

Quick launch

Prompt start of work without long waiting - within 3 days

Price and terms

We fix the price and approve the terms at the first project stage


Product readiness according to the goals - 4-5 weeks

Escrow deal

We work through the BIYRO with all the necessary documents

E-commerce Website Development | WooCommerce & WordPress | 2410

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  • How much does it cost to develop an e-commerce website? (pricing)
    The development cost depends on the range of required services. It can be a template or a unique design development according to the WordPress coding standards.

    Approximate development costs by process:

    1) Basic WordPress and WooCommerce setup with template installation: about $400 (depends on the specific template).
    2) Functional development: from $150 / medium complexity plugin development.
    3) WordPress template development based on a mockup / layout: about $900.
    4) Website design development from scratch: from $1800.

    In total, the total website development comes from $400 to $2200.

    Also, the website development can be extended by related services: content filling, texts translations, SEO research, interactive and other visual effects.
  • What if I need to make corrections during the development process?
    Especially for this reason, we use the quotas' concept supplied by the project management system BIYRO. For each milestone, we agree on a certain number of quotas that you can "exchange" for any free changes within the project.

    Quotas allow you to request any changes with no additional costs.

    Therefore, if you want to change something during the development process, this can be done immediately after the certain milestone completion.
  • Where can I find a good template?
    If you have a unique website design, we can develop a template according to WooCommerce standards. As a result, it will be an installable template exactly matching the original design.

    The estimate cost for template development depends on its structure and is about $800 to $1800 euros.

    However, for many projects, it makes sense to choose a design from professional templates. For example, the Themeforest marketplace has a variety of professional templates available for a wide range of niches.
  • Which hosting is the best for a WordPress site?
    Choosing the right hosting is important for the fast and correct work of your website.

    If possible, we recommend selecting a specialized hosting plan - designed for hosting WordPress sites. Most hosting companies provide a hosting plan that is optimized for hosting WordPress / WooCommerce sites.

    The next level is hosting your site on a virtual server (VPS). For example, DigitalOcean solutions.
  • Are there any hidden fees in WooCommerce?
    Technically, WooCommerce is a free add-on to your WordPress CMS (also completely free). Therefore, by definition, the WordPress infrastructure is open source and free to use.

    Various visual and technical additions are paid, for example:
    - Professional paid templates
    - Plugins (except 60 thousand, that are free)

    Often, developers create plugins according to the Freemium model: providing limited functionality for free, and limit some advanced functions. In this case, you need to purchase a paid version in order to use the full functionality of the plugin.

    Therefore, during the website development on WordPress, it is important paying attention to the availability of free plugins and their functionality.

    All the other payments are very transparent. Before developing a particular solution, we will provide you with a detailed commercial proposal with a fixed cost of implementation.
  • Do you move the source code to my hosting?
    Of course. We transfer of all the source code, as well as to launch the website online after the development process is finished. It is included in the base pricing.
  • What are your payment terms?
    We recommend making a deal through the BIYRO project management system. It automatically creates all the necessary documents and also provides the additional security.

    The project is divided into development stages (milestones) with agreed payment and delivery terms. We confirm the total number of milestones before launching the project. Payment steps can be either 20% or 50% or 100% of the total project budget.

    Your payment is stored on the BIYRO and becomes available to us only after you confirm the project.

    Whether if the project was not delivered or was delivered with a delay, you can always request a refund from the BIYRO platform directly.
  • What if I don't have a technical task (TT)?
    In most cases, we write a technical assignment from our side. To get started, we only need the general concept of the project.
  • How secure is WordPress / WooCommerce?
    WordPress is constantly growing. And website protection is one of the top priorities for the WordPress developer community.

    After our project is finished, we will provide a number of recommendations for your website protection. Such recommendations include certain hosting settings and a list of plugins that will protect your website from hackers and viruses.
  • Do I need technical skills to manage a WordPress site?
    You don't need any technical skills to manage your WordPress / WooCommerce website.

    You can add products, create and edit website pages very easy. The process is organized as intuitively as possible. In addition, WordPress is constantly developing new solutions to simplify the content management processes.

    Technical skills will be useful if you want to develop a plugin for your site yourself, or set up some specific integration.
  • Is a WooCommerce expert too expensive?
    More than 30% of the world's sites are built on the WordPress platform. Therefore, the WordPress developer community is quite large.

    Building an e-commerce website on WooCommerce, you can be sure about the standardization. And if you need another developer in the future, you can find him anywhere in the world.

    Therefore, WooCommerce expert hourly rate varies greatly. Especially considering the different types of work: starting with content filling to programming.
  • How is the guarantee applied?
    The guarantee is a period of time, during which we are responsible for the developed software defects, if they arose through no fault of the customer.

    Therefore, if there are any errors during the guarantee period, inaccuracies or inconsistencies with the technical task or its description, such updates are free of charge.

    We also offer an extended guarantee - guarantee period extension. This is an additional service with separate payment terms. The monthly payment is agreed individually for each project.
  • What is BIYRO?

    BIYRO is the project management system that we use to make development deals.

    Making a deal through the BIYRO system provides several strategic advantages:

    • The system generates all the necessary documents automatically.
    • We get your payment only after your confirmation. Until then, it is stored on the platform.
    • The terms are fixed in an annex to the contract.
    • A refund is possible if we, for some reason, do not complete the project in full and before the deadline.

    We provide the secure deal concept.

    Payment through BIYRO:

    • 1) We create a project indicating its description, terms and payment terms.
    • 2) You will get an invitation by email.
    • 3) After your project confirmation, you make the first milestone payment to the BIYRO account.
    • 4) The project is starting automatically.
    • 5) We get payment only after your confirmation of the work performed.


Examples of work.

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E-commerce Website Development | WooCommerce & WordPress | 2410


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2410 review from United StatesUnited States

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