Medical website development


A case about the creation of a company's representative office on the Internet. Or what to do when the company grows, but the website does not.

In early 2018, company contacted us with a request for a website redesign and software development. In this project, we completed all the work on a turnkey basis.

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Client story.

has been providing on-site health check services for company employees with the issuance of personal medical certificates since 2008. A mobile team of doctors performs not only health checks, but also conducts X-ray examinations on the road, vaccination, laboratory tests.

The company's services are expanding. The old one-page website ceased to meet both design and technical requirements. It has not been updated; it is outdated, and the customer contacted us with a request to create a new website.

Our solution.

We systematized the amount of information provided and developed the website structure. It was decided to change the design to place all the necessary information correctly.

Old website design

Archived version of the medical website
Archived version of the medical website

Website development stages:

  1. Studies, collecting information
  2. Creating a prototype / mockup (visual and semantic part)
  3. Adaptive design development
  4. Website layout for desktop (PC) and mobile versions
  5. Filling in the content provided by the customer
  6. Backend development, testing and improving website performance

The medical website development was implemented regarding all the specifics of the company's business and the customer's requirements. The work on the project took one month.

The result.

Home page

The home page was designed to provide the user with basic information about the company:

  • Contacts
  • Menu
  • Services
  • About the company
Home page of the medical website
Home page of the medical website

Mandatory health check

The page where information about services is provided in text format. For the convenience of users, a side menu with a list of services is implemented or the left side.

Mandatory health check page / medical website development
Mandatory health check page / medical website development


The company has several partners and large clients it works with. The page contains logos of companies with active links to their websites. The page can be supplemented and edited.

Partners page / medical website development
Partners page / medical website development

Text page

Here is an example of a text page developed. All the material was prepared by the company in two languages, and we posted it on the website.

Privacy policy page:

Privacy policy page / medical website development
Privacy policy page / medical website development


Operational work on the website and ready-made content from the customer allowed us to develop a redesign and a programming part in a short time. The customer can update and edit the website by adding new services.

Adaptive layout guarantees the correct display of the website on desktop (PC, laptops) and mobile screens (smartphones, tablets).

Medical website development | Case by 2410

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