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Buying and selling cryptocurrency for cash can be greatly simplified by automating basic operations. This case is on how we developed an internal system with a database, which saved employees' time when making transactions.

In the spring of 2021, contacted us with a request to create a web application for internal use. We managed to develop a system, which collected and stored a lot of data and sent it to the cash register to complete transactions.

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Client story.

The Latvian company specializes in buying/selling cryptocurrencies for cash. Various types of digital currencies can be sold or bought at the company office.

During our cooperation, the company offered the following virtual currencies for exchange:

The company's specificity of activity is that it exchanges digital currency for cash.

CryptoCash office in Riga, Latvia
CryptoCash office in Riga, Latvia

At the beginning of our cooperation, the company described the problem it faced.

To make one exchange transaction, the company's employees had to spend a lot of time entering data into the system. This always entails a high risk of error, which should not be admitted during transactions with cryptocurrencies.

In addition to a lot of data, the difficulty was that it had to be entered several times (additionally to the cash register).

The company set us the task of automating this process, simplifying it, and setting up communication with the cash register.

Our solution.

Project discussion with the customer allowed focusing on this solution:

  1. A web interface with a form that the employee will open through a browser should be created.
  2. Fields for filling in variables should be developed. In particular, choosing a cryptocurrency type, its amount, wallet address, transaction number, contact details of the buyer.
  3. Automatic digital currency conversion into EUR at the current exchange rate (with receiving data from open source) should be provided.
  4. Generation of PDF-files with the entered information and saving it in a database with accessibility in the second interface should be ensured.
  5. Connection with a POS terminal (cash register) should be set up

Therefore, within 1 month, we created a web system where the employee entered the data once. The system saved it and sent it to the POS terminal to complete a transaction. For the POS terminal, we used the XML data exchange protocol.

It was a confidential development for internal use. Therefore, in describing its capabilities, we use semantic abstractions to better understand the result.

The result.

Making a transaction

On this page, a company employee selects the direction of sale – sells or buys cryptocurrency.

The following data is filled in:

  • Choosing a cryptocurrency – BTC, ETH, USDT
  • Sale amount
  • The amount received after conversion to EUR
  • Wallet address where cryptocurrency is stored
  • Personal data of the customer

After entering, the system generates several DOC/PDF documents: an invoice ("a voucher") and a cash order.

The system is then synchronized with the PrimePOS-Shop External Basket POS terminal by BrioEngineering.

Cryptocurrency exchange transaction page
Cryptocurrency exchange transaction page


Thanks to our development, the transaction processing time was reduced, and employees managed to make transactions faster. Now they do not have to enter data many times. The system does most of the work in automatic mode.

If necessary, the application can be modified and supplemented with new cryptocurrencies.

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